Compression Stockings

Venosan Canada is part of Salzmann AG ST. Gallen. Founded in 1883 as a textile company Salzmann AG is to-this-day a traditional family business. We have been manufacturing medical compression stockings since 1942. Today Venosan is an industry leader, our products are distributed in more than 50 countries

Venosan® Silverline® Men’s


SILVERLINE® offers long-lasting protection from foot odor and athlete’s foot. X-Static®, the silver fiber, promotes hygiene and anti-microbial properties. Skin remains deodorized and free of bacteria and fungus — particularly effective in protecting against foot odor and athlete’s foot. Cool and dry in Summer and warm in Winter, SILVERLINE®  fibers wick moisture away from the skin for comfort in warm weather. X-Static® , the silver fiber, conducts heat in Winter to retain warmth. The silver in X-Static®  yarns is an excellent conductor and eliminates static electricity.

Specifically Designed

  • Enhanced comfort and fit with knitted top band
  • Elimination of bacteria and fungus associated with foot odor
  • Excellent regulator of heat


86% Nylon, 9% Lycra® Spandex, 5% X-STATIC® Silver Plated Nylon (Latex Free)