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Massage in Prime Health Centre

Are you tired from the constant  pain in your neck and back? Do you have difficulties in making movements, which were easy for you before? The course of massage therapy in Prime Health Centre will help you to forget these unpleasant symptoms for a long period of time.

The modern lifestyle consists of two extremes: either many hours of sedentary job (for instance, in front of a computer) or high physical activity. These and many other factors lead to the issues with the spinal cord, joints, tendons and ligaments. Nowadays, such conditions as low back pain and scoliosis strike even young people.

Professional spine massage quickly relieves muscle tension and allows you to take away many painful sensations  gently and safely. It is also extremely effective when  applied with other treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic.


Massage Calgary

Massage wellness treatment is recommended in the following situations:

  • As a prevention of diseases and keep the back muscles toned.
  • If your physical activity is low (sedentary lifestyle).
  • In order to relieve the tension in the back after strenuous exercises.
  • If you suffer from some postural Disorders(kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis).
  • For the  elimination of the stagnation of lymph and improvement of  the general and local blood circulation.
  • If you feel recurring pain or discomfort in any part of the back.
  • When you experience convulsive muscle contractions for no apparent reason.
  • Whenosteochondrosis is diagnosed.
  • In case of a chronic stress and a nervous exhaustion.



Massage treatments is often prescribed even when the treatment of conditions which are  not directly related to the loco-motor system disorders. If you suspect that something is wrong with your back, if you feel  pain, discomfort or your movements, there is no point in self-medication and self-diagnosis. Turn to a qualified doctor, who will prescribe an effective massage therapy which is based on the individualized approach. It is the most important condition which will help to avoid serious problems in the future.

Lower Back Massage Therapy

Depending on the symptoms, disease severity and  individual patients’ characteristics , experts develop an individual therapy program. Massage treatment should be prescribed only after the complete physical examination. An average, massage session duration is approximately 30 – 60 minutes.
The therapy can be combined with activities aimed at correcting the posture.
Initially, massage aims to reduce excessive tone of the soft tissues, which causes pain and syndromes, and after reaching a beneficial effect, the meticulous work with the patient’s osseous system begins.

Back Massage Therapy

Back is the most extensive zone of human body. Each of its parts “corresponds to” a certain internal organ. In other words, the back massage has a positive healing effect on all organs and systems of our body.
Massage therapy relaxes, improves mood, tones, relieves stress and fatigue. Only a  highly qualified specialist should  determine the way of influence on the tissues and joints when having different diseases. After all, even if there are varieties of the same disease, for instance,scoliosis, movement and technique can differ radically.
It is worthy of note that the positive health effects of exercise therapy is the most vivid, when the patient takes the exercises immediately after massage procedures. This can be explained by the activation of the blood circulation, accelerating metabolic processes, relieve muscle tension after a therapeutic massage of the back and spine. the activation of the blood circulation, accelerating metabolic processes, relieve muscle tension after a therapeutic back and lower back massage.

Massage Therapy in our facilities

Our experts have a complete command of all the techniques of massage, undergo  career enhancement training and sincerely strive to help every patient.
Treating people  with the musculoskeletal system for more than ..8. years, we have developed our own techniques to achieve positive effects in a short time. Delivering of massage therapy is one of the main directions of our specialized medical centers.
Remember, when feeling a discomfort it is  important to seek timely medical attention, otherwise you may face further complications, which will require much more serious measures than the lower back and back massage. Call for a consultation today!



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